Valerie Radu, PhD, LCSW is the founder and principle.  She completed her doctoral work at Case Western Reserve University in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences.  She holds an MSW degree from Walla Walla University and a BSW degree from Southern Adventist University.  She has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Tennessee since 1996.  She is currently in a year-long training process to become certified as an Ecotherapist.  She is an avid hiker and manages a women’s hiking group in SE TN called WIT (Women on the Trail).

Dr. Radu has over 20 years of experience as a practitioner, community leader, faculty member and academic administrator in higher education settings.  She uses collaboration, experiential learning, and other innovative techniques to both teach and lead.  She has a special interest and commitment to the principles of social justice, peace, and reconciliation on personal, community, and global levels.  Her practice and research interest areas include:

  • Self-care strategies for helping professionals
  • Diversity and cultural competence in professional settings (social work, nursing, education, etc)
  • Knowledge and skill competency needs of professional social workers practicing in healthcare and aging settings
  • Leadership development and organizational change
  • Innovative program development and assessment

Since 1996 she has been a frequent presenter on aging issues, diversity/cultural competence, and leadership development in the southeastern United States for a variety of professional organizations and groups.

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